~ : Admin Speech : ~

       A relentless struggle for success put me on a never ending road of uncanny obstacles. My lungs had already given out but as if my mind and heart were saying out to me just a little more ‘don’t give up yet, you can do it.’
      After various rigorous hardships I finally reached my destination. As they say “It’s not the destination it’s the journey that matters.” I was overjoyed. I saw a whole new world of hope & possibilities and a new beginning   of my dreams the year of 2015.
      I started my carrier life with new edge and freedom Facebook for me was merely a communication network to stay in touch with my friends until it turned into the most allied partner in my carrier. I never would have imagined a small network would be the turn over for my untimely success Fb-SriSundori.
      It started with nothing; it was like an unnamed grass flower grows on the walls of the garden. During those hard times it almost felt like the seed sowed is not growing by to rip any fruit of success for all my struggles, until one day a heavy rain poured to moisture the little seed I sowed that day. As if after looking on all my struggles I was blessed with a small sapling with it came a small glimmer of hope that things may still workout. And at the same time a famous jewelry shop offered total sponsorship for my agency but later turned a deaf ear and ignored it all. And that girl that came down like rain that day to water my seed secured herself a 3rd place in season 1 of Fb-SriSundori platform. But today this girl was also crowed with the feather of leading championship sponsored by a branded cosmetics company ‘KeyaSeth Adwitiya.’
      By the name of Priyanka Sen Gupta Fb-SriSundori could also prove herself the need of employment along with some young faces and associates.
      Relentlessly, this journey passed successfully with the season 2 & 3 with pomp. Besides West Bengal even the neighboring countries including Assam, Bihar, Nepal, & Tripura come I contact with this rare awesome touches from all parts of the world. And to sati ale my first, I get my associates and intimate companions with me. My spinal cord is none but those who are Sushmita, Alok, Mithun, Abhishek, Koushik, Pranay, Subham, Runa, Shaan, Harshad and even a little sweet girl Oishekee – This total group is named as FSS team. With a handful sunshine and limitless expectation we are going to arrange the season 4 competition. The charms of the season are the replacement of some new bricks instead of old ones. We are going to build the colorful stage with talented bricks. From this stage I can confess the truth of definition of modeling, the meaning of it is a ‘Beautiful Embodiments.’ The essence of Fb-SriSundori does not find the way to abominate the feminism and humanism. The sense of censorship does not make you the tenacity to commit wrong rather it makes you choose the correct way.
      Those who are beautiful are themselves enough for self-advertisement. He can do better for the new comers confident and groomed. So that they can know themselves. He should be the identity himself. My dream & destination will be ever succeeded then when they with head held high admit that “It’s Me.”
      According to Shakespeare, we are the actors and actresses on the stage of the world. We come here with our physical substance. We have to do something great achievement for the future generations. It’s nothing by the symbol of commitment – Fb-SriSundori.

Prantik Dey

Owner and Admin of fb Sri Sundori

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